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Are you looking for a better way to manage big data and improve storage performance? Or struggling with inadequate distributed systems with decentralized management and a lack of cloud enablement? Do you need a cost-efficient way to consolidate data center systems and virtualize business-critical apps? If you face these or other infrastructure-related challenges, Sirius can help.

Benefits of converged infrastructure

Converged infrastructure combines storage, servers, networking components and software into a unified, optimized computing platform with a centralized management console.

  • Increased resource utilization rates, which can bring down capital expenses
  • Reduced complexity, since hardware with server virtualization capacity and automation management functions can streamline operations
  • Lower costs thanks to more automated management and consolidated storage and network equipment
  • Better cooling and power usage, because of reduced data center equipment needs
  • Integrated security, which offers a tighter defense against exterior and interior threats
  • Stronger IT agility through a virtual environment, especially with single-console management capability
  • Better use of IT staff, since converged infrastructure eliminates patching and inefficient add-ons
  • Elimination of legacy data center constraints in terms of storage, speed and uptime
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Why Sirius for Converged Infrastructure?

Sirius is a national leader in the design and implementation of converged infrastructure solutions. Our dedicated CI Practice is made up of experts with 500-plus technical CI certifications. Our CI architects and engineers provide a consultative approach based on experience with the entire spectrum of leading converged technologies. Our experience allows us to guide clients in what works best for specific environments and workloads. We can analyze your current infrastructure, platforms, services and workloads to identify where converged infrastructure can support your organizational strategies and align your investments with overarching business goals.

The Sirius Converged Infrastructure Practice Solution Services:

  • Assessments
  • Planning & Design
  • Implementations
  • Transitional & Migration Services
  • Optimizations
  • Cost Optimization
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