What sets our commerce solutions apart?

From eCommerce, mCommerce and B2B/EDI to optimization and marketing execution tools across various channels – from small scale to full lifecycle implementations – Sirius can assist clients in all aspects of their commerce solutions and services.

Get a 360-degree-view of your customers and their primary touchpoints

Sirius can help you maximize your ROI by giving you a 360-degree-view of all your customer touchpoints. We will work with you to ensure a seamless customer experience across all platforms, including:

  • Web (commerce and portal)
  • Mobile (commerce mobile store)
  • In-Store POS Kiosks (retail store solutions)
  • Order Pickup (buy online and pickup in store)
  • Call Center
  • Social Commerce Adoption

Our fully customizable multi-channel solutions can be leveraged by organizations of all sizes and have the ability to support business models for B2C, D2C, B2B and indirect business/trading hubs – individually or simultaneously.

Case Study: A New Push Into the Consumer Market

Learn how Sirius helped a paper products company launch an ecommerce strategy to provide custom orders to its consumers.

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Sirius Commerce for Retail Solution

Combine online marketing with social media, mobile purchasing, call center SME on products and in-store pickup, to drive larger sales and reach more customers.

Thinkstock-online-purchase-pad-credit-cardThe Sirius Commerce for Retail solution aims to intelligently address the growing social implications in online retail. A retail website’s business value equates directly to its revenue, profit, and return on investment.

The Sirius Commerce for Retail solution is a model for driving revenue and profit on your retail website using a best-of-breed commerce toolset augmented by best-of-breed social technologies. The solution optimizes online shopper/browser conversion rates and easily integrates with legacy business systems including inventory and ERP systems.

The Sirius Commerce for Retail solution is based on IBM WebSphere Commerce, which has been consistently rated by third-party analysts as the best and most robust commerce platform on the planet. Additional IBM components may include Commerce Insights, Journey Analytics, Tealeaf, Cognos and PureData for Analytics for insightful diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive analysis on shopper behavior, campaign effectiveness and purchase conversion. The solution may also include IBM Portal, Connections, WebSphere MQ and WebSphere ESB, and various third-party social solutions such as Bazaarvoice, Facebook, Twitter and more.

The critical components include:

  • A world-class catalog
  • A robust marketing toolset that is easy to use by line-of-business marketing stakeholders without programmer intervention
  • Community integration
  • Aggressive utilization of data gathered about your consumers and how they respond to your marketing tactics.

Personalized end-to-end eCommerce offerings

Sirius provides a customer-centric experience, which leverages digital strategy and design. Our industry certified consultants focus on cross-channel optimization and foundational leadership, and have  successfully implemented hundreds of transactional sites for clients in the automotive, retail, telecommunications, sportswear, manufacturing, electronics, home improvement, aviation and pharmaceutical industries. We offer assessments and customizable services for:

  • Requirement gathering and definition
  • User experience and design
  • Solution architecting
  • Implementation and integration development
  • Project and delivery management
  • Maintenance and enhancements
  • Managed services

Expertise beyond eCommerce and mCommerce solutions. Sirius can also help with business integrations for EDI or EDI-like document transfers and transactions, including:

  • Solution implementation, upgrade and migration services
  • EDI mapping and B2B translation services
  • EDI and B2B flex and managed services

We can also support you with experience optimization and marketing execution tools, to help you gain a better understanding of the way your customers interact with you so you can provide the most relevant content offers. Your organization will benefit with increased conversion rates and average order values, improved online customer retention, and reduced problem resolution time.

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