Cloud Transitional Services

Adaptable, scalable solutions for the cloud delivered when you need them.

It’s no secret that cloud solutions offer a valuable, comprehensive set of platforms and ecosystems that can provide significant, quantifiable business advantages. We also understand there’s a lot of factors for businesses to consider and address when looking to implement cloud-based technologies and infrastructure.

Organizations are often challenged with hiring individuals with the skills needed to implement cloud-based infrastructures, anxiety about the impact cloud will have on cost management and overall corporate culture, or uncertainty of where to start on their cloud migration journey.

Sirius offers Cloud Transitional Services to alleviate that burden and workload on organizations—quelling the complexity of cloud and allowing them to continue focusing on daily operations. With Sirius Cloud Transitional Services, organizations can leverage our certified team of cloud experts at the exact moment—and at the appropriate scale—that is needed, saving them time, money and headache.

Benefits Include:

  • The ability to add skills at virtually any stage of the cloud journey for enhanced flexibility and adaptability
  • Granular optimization, relocation and management to fit the specific needs of any cloud project—no matter how small or large
  • An engagement and requests process that allows Sirius to deliver metered services—allocating skillsets and hours as needed for projects, with the ability to scale and fluctuate as the project evolves for a guaranteed, “right-sized” support model
  • The ability to move commodity functions out quickly
  • Improved speed, reliability, flexibility, security, governance and economy through automation
  • Employment of elastic environments that automatically scale and constrict to fit the requirements of any environment
  • Parallel processing and solution employment to enable lower services costs with our global cloud team

Sirius is dedicated to helping you successfully navigate your cloud and modernization transformation journey by offering innovative solutions that leverage industry-leading tools and strategic technologies to help make your business more successful. Cloud Transitional Services are designed to support the cloud journey throughout the lifecycle and provide solutions at any point in the process, as client resources and priorities change.

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