Cloud Data & Analytics

Improve efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce cost with our data and analytics solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Data-centric Enterprise, In The Cloud

The future of the enterprise is data-centric, and the future of data is in the cloud. But having cloud data is not enough. Companies need actionable insights from the data to generate actual business value, like increased efficiency or better customer engagement. Before you can start deriving insights from your data, you need a solid operating model in place, to not only protect your data but to ensure that the underlying cloud infrastructure is architected to maximize the availability and performance of access and evaluating your data.

Your Cloud and Data Journey Begin With Data Protection

New privacy laws have created a growing concern around data monitoring and governance, and while spending on data security has increased dramatically, so has the frequency and severity of breaches. Whether it’s inappropriate access to sensitive data, or the intentional or accidental exposure of data to theft, most issues are a result of the humans that are an inextricable part of our networks.

Data protection is only one piece of the puzzle. A modern enterprise simply cannot wait for data to be processed in batch form. Instead, everything from fraud detection and stock market platforms, to ride share apps and e-commerce websites rely on real-time data streams.

Trust Sirius for all your cloud and data needs. We can help you enable the digital transformation of processes, software and business capabilities so you can realize the true value of your data—especially in the cloud.

Our Cloud Data & Analytics Offerings Include:

  • Data Backup
  • Data Archive
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Data Security
  • Data Streaming Solutions
  • Advanced Analytics Innovation Studio
  • Data Platform Healthcheck
  • Data Code Conversion Engine Accelerator
  • Data Strategy & Governance Workshop
  • Modern Data Platform Innovation Studio
  • Artificial Intelligence Innovation Studio
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