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Sirius Cloud Solutions Delivers the Expertise You Need to
Maximize the Benefits of Cloud

Developing the right cloud strategy involves identifying the right workloads, in the right location, at the right time, with the right economics.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, cloud can bring the speed, flexibility, and cost savings you are seeking. But given the complexity of environments and mission critical workloads, moving data and IT infrastructure to, and running on, a new environment can be challenging.

From private and public to hybrid clouds, Sirius helps you develop a successful cloud adoption strategy to optimize application and service delivery, while safely migrating, managing, and running applications and workloads.

Our team of experienced, skilled, and certified cloud professionals delivers the strategic and technical expertise you need to help you leverage the cloud to support innovation, accelerate your business results, and deliver a competitive advantage.

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Security in the cloud

Cloud computing is highly distributed and fluid, with applications and user accounts constantly shifting within data centers, hybrid clouds, and public cloud services. Therefore, cloud requires a new approach to security—one that has less of a perimeter to guard and more of a premium on data security, risk, monitoring, and audits.

It’s important to develop a clear understanding of your cloud service models, because security issues vary depending on which ones you use.

Sirius helps you take a programmatic approach to your security planning, performing a comprehensive risk analysis to establish the security requirements for all your impacted data, processes, and applications. This will help you leverage the cloud securely and efficiently.

In addition, we offer proactive management services to reduce your security burden, with a focus on continuous engineering and tuning—and can help you secure both your on-premise and future-state environments.

Sirius Cloud-Go!

Developing the right cloud strategy can minimize cloud challenges and maximize results. Sirius understands that there is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to cloud migration, but our team of certified cloud technologists are committed to helping businesses successfully achieve their cloud adoption goals.

The unique offerings in our Sirius Cloud-Go! solution delivers a simple, flexible path to cloud migration that can be customized to meet specific needs.

Sirius Cloud-Go! provides clients with assistance in preparation for the upcoming Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 end-of-life support cycle events.

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The Sirius cloud advantage helps you:

  • Accelerate cloud adoption
  • Leverage the benefits of cloud while minimizing the challenges and risks
  • Increase agility, improve flexibility and address costs—all while protecting your data
  • Realize the value, speed, and security required to maximize business results
  • Partner with a single source to ensure your success – from evaluation, analysis and design, to implementation, financing, and managed services

The Sirius Cloud Advantage Model

Sirius Cloud Approach

Whether you need to develop a cloud strategy, build and run a private cloud, migrate workloads to the public cloud, or simply want a partner to help you leverage the benefits of cloud, Sirius’ experienced team of cloud professionals and strategic partners can get you there.

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