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Disaster recovery and business continuity in the cloud era

It’s an always-on world, where your data and IT infrastructure are vital to keeping your company running all the time. This makes business continuity not just a CIO responsibility, but rather the required focus of the entire executive suite and even at the board level.

Preparing and protecting the entire organization

Is your organization prepared for a bad day? A catastrophic, business-interrupting event can impact customer confidence, lead to expensive litigation, and even result in business closure. Business continuity is about ensuring the resilience and protection of the entire organization, to keep the business running so it can continue to provide services to vendors, suppliers, customers, and all levels within the organization.

Sirius Business Continuity solutions prepare your entire organization for catastrophic events and unplanned downtime. A solid business continuity plan is a strategy for business resilience that accounts not only for IT, but also the people and the full range of resources they require to accomplish their missions. Contact Sirius to learn how we can assist you develop effective business continuity plans, procedures, documentation and training to:

  • Ensure the ability to maintain critical business operations and IT services delivery
  • Reduce the time to recover and reduce the amount of catch-up and re-work
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Boost customer confidence
  • Build a holistic solution comprised of emergency preparedness, business continuance, and IT disaster recovery plans
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Case Study: Sirius and IBM help food service distributor Nicholas and Company deliver a world-class data center

The challenge is to build a world-class data center that can help ensure business continuity, provide scalability for continued growth, offer simplified administration of consolidated systems and maximize productivity by providing easy access to information for company workers and customers.

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Why do companies need a business continuity solution?

Start your disaster recovery planYou need business continuity solutions to ensure business survival, safety of employees, and compliance with regulatory bodies and stakeholders. Sirius business continuity solutions prepare organizations for catastrophic incidents and unplanned downtime, accounting for all people, IT services, facilities and resources required to resume all departmental or organizational functions during a catastrophic incident or unplanned downtime.

Our comprehensive solutions include sixteen elemental offerings that can be selected individually and in any order, to best serve your organiza­tion’s priorities and goals. Here are five popular starting-point offerings:

Current State Assessment and Roadmap: Action items generated from a formal review of your existing plans and environment, performed by the Sirius IT Consulting (ITC) team.

Enterprise Business Impact Analysis (BIA): Identifies impacts, including escalat­ing impacts over time, from the loss of your organization’s ability to deliver on its mission and its financial viability.

BC and IT-DR Service Recovery Plans: Project management, in-depth assessments of existing recovery documents, and creation of new plans as needed.

Tabletop Exercise: A structured group exercise testing the ability to maintain opera­tions and services during and after a disruptive incident.

Emergency Preparedness Action Plan: Customized plans with action items and ownership during a security breach or other emergency incident. Includes consulting guidance as well as tools such as customized planning templates, project management and reporting.

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