Managed Resiliency Services

We help you maintain business continuity and recover critical applications and data—no matter the circumstances.

Our solutions help ensure resiliency for your data, applications and infrastructure, minimizing the impact of unexpected interruptions.

Managed Disaster Recovery

  • Our disaster recovery services help you minimize risk and avoid costly incidents with business continuity.

Managed High Availability 

  • Sirius can design and manage optimized, cost-effective infrastructure to achieve a lean, resilient and highly available environment.

Data Backup and Protection Services

  • Backup as a Service (BaaS): Available on-premises, remotely, in the cloud or in Sirius Data Centers
    • Powered by industry-leading enterprise data protection software, Sirius BaaS solutions allow pertinent staff to focus on strategic and core IT initiatives instead of managing time-consuming backups. An easy-to-use, self-service web portal provides backup and recovery task automation or hands-on control, so you can make changes with the click of a button to meet evolving business needs.
  • Data Protection for the Cloud: Sirius provides cloud backup options for the leading public cloud platforms
    • We can back up your public cloud workloads leveraging cloud-based storage, or we can copy the data to a hardware-based platform at your premises or at a Sirius Data Center. Sirius also protects your SaaS platforms by providing systematic copying and/or archiving of your organization’s SaaS application data so it can be recovered easily in the unfortunate case of a data loss event.
  • Additional Backup and Recovery Managed Services: Includes remote manage in place, Sirius OneTouch, and Sirius FlexIT
    • These offerings provide you with assistance for your “in-place” backup and recovery environment; not only with daily recurring support, but also with further optimization as needed.

Sirius SaaS Backup as a Service

Sirius BaaS Data Protection for Ransomware


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