Cloud Management

We help make your cloud initiatives successful—from the application to migration and management.

Next-gen Cloud MSP Services

As enterprises seek to accelerate cloud adoption to realize the flexibility, agility and cost savings of the cloud, their needs evolve along the journey. Traditional managed service providers (MSPs) are unable to keep up with the rapidly growing cloud ecosystem and shifting client needs, leading to the evolution of next generation cloud service providers. Next generation MSPs are no longer just a way to outsource your IT issues; they are a full-fledged strategic partner who understands your unique situation and needs.

Sirius Managed Services (SMS) help companies develop a successful cloud adoption strategy to maximize application and service delivery while helping them migrate applications and workloads safely.

Our managed services capabilities are unique in the way they can adapt and scale in parallel to clients’ fluctuating needs. We offer next-gen cloud MSP services, including:

  • Design and architecture to help automate your business
  • Cloud and software solutions vs hardware
  • Distributed operations and resources vs centralized operations
  • DevOps, CI/CD, self-healing solutions and infrastructure vs complex, manual change management
  • Dynamic monitoring, anomaly detection and machine learning vs static monitoring and fixed thresholds
  • Security by design and continuous compliance vs security risk mitigation
  • Trusted advisor and partner vs outsourcing vendor

Cloud Management Offerings

Our cloud management offerings include:

Customizable and Scalable Cloud Solutions

Our full range of customizable and scalable cloud solutions help you:

  • Develop your cloud and migration strategy
  • Refactor applications and deploy securely with high availability and redundancy
  • Monitor and manage multi-cloud environments with critical visibility and oversight
  • Free your development team from mundane tasks
  • Set up and manage public cloud connectivity
  • Accelerate provisioning time from months to days
  • Provide security and compliance monitoring
  • Pivot nimbly according to current and future needs


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