Advanced Application Services

We help you modernize, transform, and migrate applications to cloud-delivered platforms.

Enable digital transformation of processes, software and business capabilities

Sirius Managed Services (SMS) will help you achieve success for cloud initiatives and work with you to develop successful digital business adoption strategy.

Digital Consulting: Our mature digital consulting process works through a combination of structured interviews and Sirius’ proprietary Modernization Assistant engine. This industry-leading tool will analyze your enterprise’s standards and determine how each application lives up to them.

Data-driven Dashboard: You’ll receive a modern data-driven dashboard that considers both business and technical feasibility for various application strategies along with migration estimates.

Application Infrastructure Catalogs: Sirius’ application-focused expertise has helped our clients build application infrastructure catalogs to ensure success in their modernization and transformation initiatives.

Monitoring and Maintenance: We also handle the ongoing operations and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure and applications with enterprise-class monitoring and management services.

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