zBuild Assist Services

The IBM z/OS operating system provides a highly secure, available and scalable environment for deploying applications. IBM z/OS also presents the opportunity to capitalize on the latest open software technologies to extend current applications and add new on-demand applications. How can you take advantage?

Sirius offers zBuild Assist, a service that provides the expertise to plan, implement, and install the most recent version of z/OS. While many companies may seek to avoid costly operating system upgrades, the costs of not upgrading can often outweigh those of performing the upgrade. zBuild Assist services offer the best solution for upgrades and system builds of z/OS.

Business Value

  • Performs complete fixed-price test-system build at the Sirius data center or your site
  • Restores customized operating system settings for easy migration of existing applications
  • Integrates communications servers, a security server, and I/O configurations
  • Upgrades your test system to the most recent version and release of z/OS
  • Modifies the operating system environment to provide network connectivity at your site
  • Provides skills transfer during the on-site visit
  • Provides project management and documentation for work performed on the installation of z/OS
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