z/OS Migration Services

When implementing an Enterprise Management solution for a mainframe environment, an update of the z/OS operating environment is often required to support new Enterprise Management applications or functions. In a stabilized environment, software currency is essential to maintaining support and exploiting new functions and enhancements.

Sirius z/OS Migration Services will bring your operating system environment up to the current version, release and required maintenance levels. Flexible options include a turnkey approach, which allows your staff to maintain focus on the current environment. Alternatively, Sirius can work with your staff as project leader or assist in executing your project plan. The migration can include most subsystems and third-party program products.

Business Value

  • Helps you avoid high-priced maintenance extensions and support costs by maintaining supported levels of operating systems
  • Controls software and support costs through Sirius’ knowledge of new product enhancements
  • Uses our experience to quickly achieve subsystem support levels, to help you avoid ad-hoc patching strategies that may not address all system requirements, or could expose applications to instability
  • Leverages the latest enhancements to allow major subsystems to run business applications efficiently and reliably
  • Uses Sirius’ proven methodology to achieve the next version or release level quickly and smoothly
  • Saves your staff significant time by planning and implementing your system migrations
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