Workload Manager Policy Evaluation Services for IBM System z

Knowing the mainframe environment is being utilized as efficiently as possible, or knowing if performance has been impacted due to changes in business priorities, is a key benefit of an Enterprise Management solution. If the system is nearing capacity, Sirius Workload Manager Policy Evaluation Services can ensure resources are made available to your business-critical workloads by validating the policies governing their allocation.

The core of this service is a deep dive into your Workload Manager (WLM) policy, producing a document of general and specific comments and recommendations. It can also include an explanation of how WLM works, and how to develop and implement a WLM policy.

Business Value

  • Enhances system utilization to reduce your hardware and software costs
  • Tunes the WLM to perform at optimum levels
  • Creates policies that drive efficiencies and minimize exposures to business processes
  • Leverages multiple client environments and years of experience to assess and correct WLM policies quickly
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