Wireless Network Installation Services

Extending the reach of your network with wireless technology can be a complicated task. By leveraging Sirius’ experience you can take the guesswork out of the equation. Sirius Wireless Network Installation Services provide a high-quality Wireless LAN implementation that offers outstanding performance to network users and applications. To support these applications, wireless networks are increasingly becoming mission-critical and require wired-like performance, throughput, availability and security.

Business Value

  • Significantly improves end-user productivity and collaboration
  • Enhances network access for mobile users and traveling executives
  • Supports critical mobile applications such as instant messaging and wireless voice
  • Improves asset tracking through RFID and location-tracking services
  • Creates wireless RF site surveys to pinpoint device placement for optimal coverage and to avoid potential interferences
  • Secures network access with varying levels of encryption
  • Uses our networking engineers, who have performed over 100 of these engagements, hold the highest certifications, and use our proven processes and methodologies
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