Wireless Assessment & Design Services

Providing rapid and ubiquitous access to your network allows your employees and your business to be more productive, and wireless network technologies are the way to make it happen. Sirius Wireless Network Assessment & Design Services evaluate your business requirements, wireless applications and current technology objectives. Sirius will examine the physical environment and current network infrastructure to validate that the existing environment will support a successful implementation of any proposed wireless solution. We will use our defined methodology to design a wireless network using industry best practices to provide a secure wireless solution that will support your current environment. Additionally, this service will provide the flexibility to support additional growth and change as your business evolves.

Business Value

  • Protects your investment in networking by leveraging the current network infrastructure and reducing your need for additional hardware
  • Provides a holistic wireless audit
  • Develops an overall roadmap to address network limitations to support wireless communications
  • Designs security options to meet your business’ needs
  • Uses our networking engineers, who hold the highest certifications and use our proven processes and methodologies
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