Web Services Design & Creation

Today’s IT systems landscape includes systems with disparate architectures, operating systems and hardware. There is an increasing demand to extend the life of existing IT assets by enabling data access to the existing systems. Web Services provide an industry-standard means of implementing standardized integration and potentially eliminating point-to-point interfaces that are prevalent in existing infrastructure. Sirius consultants can assist in architecture design, Web service design, and the creation, testing and deployment of Web services. Certified experts will get your team started on the right path and coach them on best practices to adopt in implementing Web services.

Software potentially used in Sirius Web Services Design & Creation includes:

  • IBM Blueworks Live
  • WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
  • WebSphere MQ & Message Broker
  • WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB)
  • WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR)
  • DataPower appliances
  • Sirius Legacy Integration Framework for the Enterprise (LIFE)

Business Value

  • Enables your business to extend its reuse of existing applications and data
  • Enables building industry-standard interfaces using Enterprise Service Bus replacing existing point-to-point interfaces
  • Uses a proven implementation roadmap
  • Enables sharing of data between disparate systems
  • Enables security, authentication, validation and versioning of Web services across the enterprise
  • Enables rapid development of Web-based applications using Web services
  • Helps you realize the cost savings and efficiencies as quickly as possible
  • Provides tailored solution offerings
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