Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept Services

With a wide variance of product mix contained within and between IT infrastructures, a proof of concept (POC) is often a necessary component. POCs are the means with which virtualization practices can produce empirical knowledge of a computing environment. Early project success and stakeholder confidence are both achieved by “smoke-testing” subsystem functionality and thresholds, associating performance metrics relative to scalability and capacity planning, and comparing application delivery methods.

Sirius experts deploy infrastructure build-out, virtualize applications, create and deploy a desktop image, perform a smoke test, create system build documentation, and recommend a rollout strategy via virtualization assessment documentation.

Business Value

  • Rigorous analysis and benchmark results based on real-world scenarios serve as proof that a production rollout will be successful
  • Since the analysis is repeatable, it becomes the rationale necessary for recommending the optimum application delivery method for a given product
  • Holistic infrastructure assessment methods and best-practice performance metrics in our analysis reveal potential bottlenecks, quantify end-user experience, and define specific resources necessary to assure quality through production rollout
  • Lessons learned from smoke-testing serve as a baseline to validate other instances used in change management, e.g., pilot, development, test, pre-production, production rollout, and disaster recovery
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