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Video Solutions Services

Visual communication is becoming the most effective means of interacting within groups or one-on-one. As video becomes easier to deploy and less expensive to manage, it is rapidly evolving into a critical means of communication in organizations. Industry analysts estimate that more than 90% of all network traffic will be video by 2013, and Sirius can provide assessment, design, implementation and management services to assist you with your video strategy.

Our Video Solutions Services consist of personal video, multi-purpose room video, and immersive video solutions. In addition, more creative ways of leveraging video can be accomplished through digital signage and social video portals. The latest enhancements in video now make using this technology a core focus of communications rather than an afterthought. Our services help assess video applications in your business, provide the proper technical design to allow for an optimized video experience, and also help manage these solutions.

Business Value

  • Reduces travel costs by leveraging video across your network
  • Enhances the customer and employee experience
  • Increases communication effectiveness
  • Builds closer relationships with customers, employees and business partners
  • Provides a more-effective means of training and education
  • Allows centralized control, distribution and management of your visual branding
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