Unified Network Assessment & Roadmap Services

Maintaining separate LAN and SAN infrastructures can be costly and complex. With the advent of new protocols such as Data Center Bridging and Fiber Channel over Ethernet, maintaining separate LAN and SAN hardware may not be necessary. Sirius’ Data Center Optimization team has a well defined process for helping clients determine the feasibility, risks and benefits of a Unified Network Infrastructure.

Business Value

  • Provides a clear understanding of the current LAN and SAN infrastructure
  • Offers an overview of Unified Network Fabric technology
  • Documents design requirements (performance, availability, manageability, security)
  • Gives solution options overview (physical and logical topology diagrams, cost/benefit analysis)
  • Assists in making a go/no-go business decision
  • Provides a step-by-step deployment roadmap that minimizes risk, downtime and expense
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