Systems Management Services

As the economy continues to shift, IT departments are being driven to focus on strategic initiatives to support business growth while reducing operating costs. To help with these challenges, Sirius can provide Managed Services for your IT environment. Our services are designed to manage your infrastructure from your existing data center or from a Sirius-provided data center, for all hardware platforms and operating systems that Sirius supports.

Business Value

  • Has an established and successful record of delivering reduced cost, enhanced service and risk mitigation to our clients
  • Provides your organization the freedom to focus on your business, not routine system-level support
  • Provides costs savings by utilizing high-quality leveraged IT resources at a fraction of the cost of dedicated internal resources
  • Delivers improved service through operational efficiencies and specialized expertise in providing 24x7x365 support of computing environments
  • Ensures SLA-driven, high-quality service by assigning an Account Manager who is a primary point of contact and an internal advocate, and is responsible for ensuring quality service and resolving any issues within our service delivery team
  • Reduces risk by proactively maintaining the clients’ infrastructure and systems with an ITIL framework
  • Uses an SAS70 audited delivery model to reduce risk by eliminating single points of failure within your environment
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