System Recovery Testing Services for IBM Power Systems

Simply backing up your IT system data may be giving you a false sense of security. Until you have thoroughly tested restoring your key systems and applications, you are running the risk of experiencing an extended business outage. Sirius System Recovery Testing Services enables a hardware and software environment that is capable of successfully managing disaster-recovery and applications-recovery testing scenarios. Sirius will restore your operating system(s) and data to in-house IBM Power Systems servers/partitions, and verify software and application functionality. Based on your requirements, Sirius will verify the testing environment functionally mirrors the production operating environment.

Business Value

  • Mitigates costly outages and data loss
  • Uses one of our Technology Enablement Centers (TECs) to test possible solutions and perfect restore procedures
  • Ensures that applications can “failover” to a disaster recovery facility
  • Simulates a recovery situation to prepare your staff for quickly bringing your systems back online and getting your business moving forward should a disastrous event occur
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