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Storage Optimization Review Services

Sirius’ Storage Optimization Review Services evaluate your current storage performance, utilization, data classification and life cycle; identify areas where improvements in asset utilization can be attained; and quantify recommendations in ROI terms. Sirius can analyze performance and utilization on the storage subsystem(s), host(s) and storage network(s), to help identify potential, latent and actual contention and congestion. Then we help you impose order on your storage infrastructure and ensure that your storage investment is yielding maximum returns.

An initial high-level review is provided to validate that opportunity areas exist in your storage environment. A more detailed review is then provided to identify specific areas of optimization improvement and recommendations, for implementation based on Sirius best practices.

Business Value

  • Ensures data resides on cost- and performance-appropriate media, potentially reducing infrastructure costs
  • Builds procedures and processes that help monitor and manage data growth and storage costs
  • Ensures proper retention of data through well defined processes and procedures
  • Leads to a storage infrastructure that meets retention and retrieval time criteria for the lowest cost
  • Increases storage utilization and maximizes the ROI of existing assets
  • Uses new technologies to evaluate and leverage existing and future assets (data deduplication, thin provisioning, data archival)
  • Provides tools and processes to maintain storage efficiency and optimization after the Storage Optimization Review is completed
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