Storage Health Check Services

A storage health check is critically important with the increased use of virtualization and the heavy dependence on storage systems. Sirius Storage Health Check Services independently verifies the configuration of your storage network and provides the latest recommendations to ensure unparalleled performance and reliability. We will look at firmware and microcode on controllers, expansion units, disk drives and specific settings in the SAN fabric, as well as examine the HBA settings (loop, queue depth, etc.) and provide best practice and remediation recommendations. We also look for alignment of storage best practices with respect to the applications and systems that are dependent on the storage system.

In HA environments we look for performance and operational efficiencies, review the overall health of your environment, look for risks in data integrity, and provide an exceptions and compliance summary.

Business Value

  • Aligns SAN performance and configuration to the applications hosted on them
  • Reduces the potential for SAN downtime
  • Verifies application server configurations, including detailed review of HBAs
  • Minimizes disruptions, and keeps critical HA systems running smoothly
  • Documents SAN components including diagrams and preparation of a summary report with recommendations for optimal storage efficiency
  • Reviews your storage administration procedures related to the entire storage infrastructure
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