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Server P2V Migration Services

Consolidation of IT application workloads can help with many aspects of your IT server environment. It can reduce your physical server footprint, power consumption, and cooling requirements, and improve management capabilities and utilization rates.

Planning and executing the migration of a server and application is complex. Sirius P2V (Physical to Virtual) Server Migration Services include moving workloads from a physical Industry-Standard Server (ISS) to a virtual environment. We create a detailed migration plan based on your requirements. We often utilize our Virtualization Assessment and Design Services to identify the best server candidates, and then our Virtualization Implementation Services to provide the complete virtual infrastructure implementation.

This engagement may leverage products from multiple vendors, including VMware vCenter Converter, PlateSpin Migrate, Vizioncore vConverter, and others.

Business Value

  • Rapidly consolidates your virtual infrastructure
  • Utilizes our experienced and trained engineers to minimize the potential for failed migrations of critical workloads
  • Minimizes the impact to your staff and their everyday duties
  • Plans and executes workload migrations quickly, for minimal impact to users
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