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Server/Blade Health Check Services

Is your server environment optimized to provide the best possible application performance? Are you keeping up with recommended operating system patches and security vulnerabilities? Is your firmware up to date, and are you using the hardware manufacturers’ best practices?

Sirius has skilled professionals who can perform a detailed and thorough evaluation of your rackmount or blade server environments. We will analyze your particular systems and determine the best possible strategy to ensure optimum performance. Our team will use industry-standard tools and best practices to evaluate your entire systems environment, document the current state, and provide recommendations to improve your systems’ performance, reliability, utilization and compliance. Sirius will ensure your IT investments are providing the best possible ROI.

Business Value

  • Minimizes your exposure to downtime risk
  • Assesses and evaluates management systems, event/system logs and the general health of your servers
  • Proactively evaluates performance considerations and configurations of your system states
  • Validates the health of your business-critical IT environment
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