Public Cloud Due Diligence Services

Once you’ve reached the conclusion that your best option for cloud computing is outsourcing to a cloud services provider, how will you know which one will provide the right combination of services, cost and security for your organization? Sirius cloud computing consultants will perform an assessment of your organization’s needs, and evaluate the capabilities of a specified public or third-party private cloud provider to make sure they meet your cloud computing requirements.

Deliverables include a provider scorecard with explanations of the ranking, as well as an executive summary. With Sirius’ knowledge of public cloud providers, alternate providers are discussed that might better align with your needs.

Business Value

  • Confirms the scope of the technology (software, infrastructure, development platforms) being evaluated for migration to the cloud provider
  • Reviews drivers (business, operations, and technology) that determined why the technology is being considered for migration to cloud service
  • Specifies the cloud provider (public or third-party private) that is being considered
  • Reviews and documents detailed requirements for the technology under review for migration
  • Assesses the provider’s ability to satisfy “show-stopper” requirements
  • Once “show-stopper” requirements are satisfied, assesses the provider’s ability to meet remaining requirements
  • Creates provider scorecard and deliverable documents
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