Power Architectural Review Services

Is your IT organization taking full advantage of your Power Systems environment? Are you leveraging the advanced reliability, management, and virtualization capabilities of today’s Power Systems? Is your current IT infrastructure best suited for the future needs of the business? As technology changes, these are increasingly common questions being faced by IT managers.

Sirius offers Power Architectural Review (PAR) Services to help answer these questions and develop a strategic roadmap that aligns the Power Systems environment with your business plan.

Sirius PAR uses a structured and proven approach that can be uniquely tailored to meet your specific requirements. It includes performance analysis, documentation and TCO analysis to provide you with a complete picture of your Power Systems server(s) today, as well as a focused roadmap to help you optimize the environment for the future.

The PAR process culminates in a workshop where Sirius experts review the findings, walk your team through your current Power Systems environment, and provide recommendations and a roadmap for future strategies and investments.

Business Value

  • Documents current IT environment and builds a plan for the future
  • Uses a consistent, proven methodology and leverages best practices
  • Includes Sirius subject-matter experts, technical specialists and IT consultants
  • Involves integration with other related platforms and environments, such as storage and networking
  • Establishes an agreed-upon Power Systems future roadmap
  • Creates a plan of action with responsibilities, assigned personnel, names and milestones
  • Provides a technology foundation that enables valid TCO analyses
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