Physical Infrastructure Assessment & Roadmap Services

When was the last time someone conducted a stem-to-stern evaluation of your IT facility? Is it possible that timely repairs are needed to protect essential elements such as cooling and connectivity? Can you afford not to know? Sirius Physical Infrastructure Assessment & Roadmap Services include a detailed review of one or more facilities, creation of topology diagrams, risk assessment, identification of solution options, gap analysis, project estimates, and a formal presentation of the findings and recommendations.

Business Value

  • Documents what you have from a physical infrastructure standpoint
  • Reviews the capacity and utilization for each component
  • Identifies potential risks, exposures and single points of failure
  • Provides analysis and recommended priority for addressing the issues
  • Offers solution options with altered topology and elevation diagrams
  • Provides budget estimates for deployment of solution options
  • Provides a step-by-step roadmap to fully deploy the recommendations with minimal risk, downtime and expense
  • Includes an executive overview presentation
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