Performance & Capacity Optimization Analysis & Management Services

Traditional performance management and capacity planning is done in “silo” fashion—storage, server, networking and application groups often working with little regard for the overall dynamics of the IT infrastructure value-delivery chain.

Sirius Performance & Capacity Analysis & Optimization Services help you make the best use of your investment in IT infrastructure, while also ensuring you make optimum contributions to measurable business results.

Sirius has developed expertise in integrating these silos and helps you ensure that, when faced with an investment trade-off, you can make the right decision. We call it Balanced IT Investment, and it focuses on guiding your IT infrastructure capital and operating budgets to the line-items that will add measurable business value.

Phased delivery includes feasibility study, data collection, information analysis, model development and validation, enhancing procedures and processes, and model maintenance.

This is a highly client-specific service; clients may proceed with some or all of the phases, or may request specific modifications to the project plan.

Business Value

  • Helps IT infrastructure groups invest optimally on the infrastructure elements that will truly help performance and capacity, avoiding unnecessary purchases on infrastructure that might not add any value
  • Considers all infrastructure components that are involved in providing application services to users, and enables you to allocate IT compute resources at the right time, in the right volume and at the right price, ensuring the most efficient usage
  • Introduces methods to measure service delivery outcomes
  • Improves the focus of IT infrastructure groups on business value
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