Performance Analysis & Tuning Services for IBM Power Systems

Today’s compute platforms are tremendously powerful. Many studies have shown that businesses routinely use only a fraction of the power and capacity available in their server environments. Sirius’ Performance Analysis & Tuning Services help optimize your Power Systems environment’s performance by identifying compute resources that are underutilized or not optimally configured.

By tuning systems for performance, you can avoid the costs of adding additional servers or paying for unnecessary upgrades. With this service, Sirius will install and configure performance-assurance software at your location, collect data, perform data analysis, and make recommendations for system tuning and capacity planning.

Business Value

  • Tunes your Power Systems environment to better utilize existing hardware, often eliminating the need for new hardware purchases
  • Avoids poorly tuned systems, which can lead to performance problems that affect users (making them less efficient in performing their work) and customers (making for a less than optimal business experience)
  • Prevents you from wasting money on unnecessary hardware
  • Decreases the time your staff spends diagnosing and troubleshooting performance issues
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