Parallel Sysplex Design & Implementation Services for IBM Z

Your mainframe environment is a critical part of your business, with demanding requirements such as no single point of failure, continuous availability, high performance, and rapid scalability. Sirius’ capabilities with IBM’s Parallel Sysplex Technology can help you with all of these challenges. Sirius Parallel Sysplex Design & Implementation Services provide assistance with the infrastructure planning and implementation tasks necessary to prepare your systems to operate in a Parallel Sysplex configuration. Sirius will also assist with the planning and implementation of software applications to ensure you meet the criteria necessary to qualify for the IBM Parallel Sysplex License Charges (PSLC).

Business Value

  • Utilizes our expertise to guide you through the complexities of Parallel Sysplex design and implementation, to ensure your primary business requirements are met
  • Prevents outages through a well designed, implemented and configured Parallel Sysplex solution
  • Minimizes the impact on your staff and their everyday duties by reducing the implementation timeframe
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