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Open Source – Red Hat Readiness Assessment Services

IT organizations are looking to open-source solutions for several reasons: they lower total cost of ownership, they make it easier to embark on new IT projects or software initiatives, and they prevent single-vendor lock-in.

Sirius provides a comprehensive assessment to show you where open-source solutions from Red Hat can help your organization reduce costs. The resulting knowledge can help you replace your aging server systems with commodity hardware running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) is built on the proven Linux kernel. It gives you the choice to use the built-in hypervisor on RHEL, or the RHEV Hypervisor (RHEV-H) appliance. Both can be managed using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager, and are interoperable. RHEV can also be used to deploy a scalable and reliable VDI solution.

Sirius’ certified consultants will also show you how to integrate Red Hat Network Satellite suite into your existing management environment. Satellite is used to quickly deploy updates and new servers, to manage configurations and channel subscriptions, to monitor servers, and to generate system and audit reports.

Business Value

  • Avoids vendor lock-in
  • Increases system stability through the Open Source Development model
  • Improves agility over proprietary software
  • Eliminates expensive maintenance contracts
  • Increases worker productivity
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