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Network Strategy Services

In today’s environment, the network has become the main transport for the business. Your company network is, or can be, the cornerstone of nearly all internal and external business communications. As a result, a well-documented networking strategy and plan are necessary to meet the constant changes in business. Additionally, various studies show that organizations without a clear network strategy will spend more on their network as compared to those who invested in developing a long-term network strategy and plan.

Sirius Network Strategy Services will help determine how to better position the network for convergence, server and storage virtualization, data center load-balancing and optimization. Sirius Network Strategy Services provide a comprehensive roadmap and plan for your data, voice, video and security infrastructure. These services ensure the network is positioned to support your dynamic business environment and provide a vision to guide your technology investments.

Business Value

  • Protects your investment in networking by leveraging the current network infrastructure and reducing your need for additional hardware
  • Guides tactical and strategic decisions
  • Uses a proven networking methodology
  • Develops a holistic and integrated long-term plan to address new network technologies and changes for your business
  • Aligns your business needs with the infrastructure priorities
  • Helps you prioritize recommendations based on resource availability, risk to the business, and impact to operations
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