Network-Attached Storage Disk Planning & Implementation Services

A network-attached storage (NAS) solution can improve your data allocation, data availability and data protection functions. With Sirius Network-Attached Storage Disk Planning & Implementation Services, we work with you to plan and execute the physical, logical and network installation of a complete NAS solution. Sirius provides advice on physical and logical configurations, RAID and NAS software functions, and skills transfer.

Business Value

  • Implements a cost-effective and robust Network Attached Storage solution
  • Reduces downtime and enables information to be more easily accessible through a best-practice implementation of your enterprise storage
  • Uses technical engineers who have performed more than 75 of these engagements
  • Implements NAS storage in as little as one week
  • Minimizes the impact to your staff and their everyday duties, due to less time spent in task preparation and problem research
  • Efficiently trains your personnel through skills transfer during system installation
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