Media Encryption Implementation Services for IBM i on IBM Power Systems

IBM Linear Tape Open (LTO) storage systems are economical, efficient, fast and highly reliable. That’s why so many enterprises around the world use LTO to backup and store their data. And because huge quantities of critical, proprietary data are stored on tape, the accidental or intentional loss of a cartridge—or the unauthorized access of data on a cartridge in a library—can have terrible consequences for an organization. That’s particularly true if that breach involves customers’ private data, or violates industry or government guidelines for data encryption.

Sirius can help you implement a comprehensive media encryption plan for your IBM Power Systems servers running the IBM i operating system (System i), protecting your data from being compromised so you’re better protected from liability. Our team of certified Power Systems and storage experts will work with you to evaluate your current storage infrastructure, and implement technologies and processes that will ensure the highest level of security using the systems you have.

Business Value

  • Conducts a solution walk-through to confirm operational model design, and documents the operational architecture
  • Confirms that Backup and Recovery Media Services (BRMS) is set up and running properly
  • Ensures that IBM-identified prerequisite program products and PTFs are installed
  • Confirms that the tape library has prerequisite hardware features installed and enabled
  • Implements needed components as documented in the operational model
  • Configures IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager (TKLM) instances on appropriate supporting server(s)
  • Creates certificates/keys and populates keystore(s) with the appropriate certificates/keys
  • Provides configuration documentation
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