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Managed Training Services

When purchased from the vendor, training credits are usually valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase. Not being able to use these credits, or finding that training is not needed, can cost an organization thousands of dollars annually. Sirius helps companies by providing Sirius Managed Training Services. This service includes:

  • Allocating and deferring training funds for up to 24 months
  • Managing funds through a secure, online tool
  • Allowing registration for classes through a Sirius representative
  • Assessing and understanding critical education gaps in your environment
  • Obtaining training from various manufacturers including IBM, Cisco, VMware and HP, and skills transfer from Sirius engineers

Business Value

  • Reduces administrative workloads
  • Implements and uses the online Web interface of the Sirius Client Asset Management (CAM) offering, which allows you to track and manage your inventory and agreements online via secure login
  • Efficiently maximizes your service level coverage while streamlining your annual budgeting
  • Minimizes after-license fees and risk due to contract renewal lapse in coverage
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