Logical Partition & Virtualization Implementation Services for IBM Power Systems

Businesses are turning to PowerVM virtualization to consolidate multiple workloads onto fewer systems, increase server utilization and reduce cost. Built upon the advanced RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability) features and leading performance of the Power Systems platform, including the Live Partition Mobility feature, PowerVM provides a secure and scalable virtualization environment for AIX, IBM i and Linux applications. Sirius Logical Partition (LPAR) & Virtualization Services will assist you with the planning, installation and configuration tasks associated with creating LPARs and implementing PowerVM on a Power Systems platform.

Business Value

  • Utilizes our experienced engineers, who have a thorough knowledge of LPAR and virtualization best practices
  • Decreases implementation time
  • Increases server utilization to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Moves processors and memory from one LPAR to another
  • Dynamically moves workload from one server to another and keeps production environments up while planned outages occur
  • Moves active production environments when predictive failures arise
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