Linux on IBM System z Feasibility Analysis Services

The Linux operating system is clearly making its mark in today’s computing environments, including mainframes. In many instances, leveraging Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) specialty processors on the mainframe is the perfect answer to a business need. A Linux-based application can run on the high-performance, highly available mainframe platform in its native form without a special version or translation of the application. Sirius Linux Feasibility Analysis Services include an analysis of your existing and proposed IT infrastructure to determine the viability of a Linux-based solution on the mainframe.

Business Value

  • Identifies if Linux on the mainframe can provide a more efficient environment for your business
  • Leverages IFLs to support potential Linux needs
  • Determines best-of-breed application candidates to leverage the mainframe IFLs
  • Assists you in quickly assessing the environment and finding the best candidates for IFL workload
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