Linux on IBM System z Enablement Services

A Linux implementation on the mainframe may be a useful component of an Enterprise Management solution. For example, a Linux partition can be used as a monitoring platform or as a Web server. Sirius Linux Enablement Services on IBM System z include installation and configuration of Linux for IBM System z either in an LPAR or as a z/VM guest without the need for dedicated internal resources. Sirius will also demonstrate the Linux proof of concept by implementing open-source software such as SAMBA for file/print serving, or the Apache Web Server.

Business Value

  • Leverages the capabilities of the IFL on the mainframe
  • Allows for consolidation, reducing your environmental costs
  • Improves RTO and RPO with consolidation and virtualization of Linux on the mainframe
  • Extends uptime characteristics of the mainframe platform to the Linux application
  • Quickly establishes a working, usable Linux environment on your mainframe, saving many staff hours
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