Information Security/ISO/Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Services

How do you manage risk in your organization? How do you even measure risk? Do you know where your current vulnerabilities are?

Start with an assessment of your overall security posture as measured against international standards such as ISO, NIST, COBIT and other frameworks to gain much better visibility into any gaps in your security environment.

While compliance requirements provide ample incentive to have a well designed, in-depth security approach, the ability to grow and protect your core business depends on minimizing the risk to your brand due to breaches of confidential customer data and intellectual property. Sirius’ assessments can give you the information you need to ensure the protection of your most valuable assets.

Business Value

  • Ensures efficient and effective budgeting of security projects to maximize alignment to core business value
  • Provides greater visibility of your organization’s vulnerabilities to internal and external threats
  • Builds a strong foundation ensuring ongoing compliance
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