Implementation Services for IBM PureFlex Systems

Sirius can help ensure that your IBM PureFlex environment is designed, configured and implemented to meet your specific requirements. Sirius’ certified PureFlex consultants will implement this environment which comprises server, storage and network components, to create a high-performance, reliable environment for AIX, IBM i, Windows or Linux as well as virtualization of Hyper-V, KVM, PowerVM, VMware, or a combination thereof. Sirius can then help migrate your workload from your current environment to the new PureFlex system and provide your team with the appropriate PureFlex training, all while helping you move toward a more flexible and manageable infrastructure.

Business Value

  • Decreases your implementation time through a precise and focused installation
  • Uses best practices to tune your PureFlex system(s)
  • Addresses known operating system issues to reduce common errors
  • Utilizes our experienced engineers to implement your IT infrastructure using best practices and preventing common installation issues
  • Increases server utilization to reduce infrastructure costs
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