Identity & Access Management Services

Identity and Access Management is a comprehensive set of solutions used to identify users in a system (employees, customers and contractors), and control their access to resources within that system by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity.

Sirius identity and access management experts help secure your collaboration and access processes in alignment with your overall business needs, so you can improve security, lower costs, reduce complexity, and manage compliance and risk. Areas covered include:

  • Single Sign-on
  • Access Control
  • Compliance Management
  • User Provisioning
  • Directory Services

Software used in Sirius Identity & Access Management Services includes:

  • IBM Identity Manager
  • IBM Access Manager for eBusiness
  • IBM Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On
  • IBM Federated Identity Manager
  • IBM Directory Integrator
  • IBM Directory Server

Business Value

  • Reduces administrative costs and improves user productivity
  • Applies flexible and secure controls
  • Protects against internal threats
  • Satisfies compliance and regulatory mandates
  • Uses a proven roadmap that supports an overall security framework
  • Tailors solution offerings to match your specific business goals
  • Builds on security best practices
  • Leverages Sirius’ experienced and certified specialists
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