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IBM System z Capacity Planning Services

How can you tell if your IBM z/OS mainframe environment is managing workloads in the most efficient way, enabling you to save money, allocate resources according to peak usage, and stay competitive? Sirius Capacity Planning Services (CPS) for System z determines whether your current I/O and workload capacities are adequately utilized, and provides a detailed report that allows you to assess your current mainframe environment both now and for the future. Our experts generate a capacity study that includes in-depth information about your current CPUs, usage analysis, potential software migration, and available specialty engines. Everything is presented in a comprehensive review, along with recommendations for short- and long-term planning decisions to help you achieve your objectives.

Your study will be based on your Systems Management Facility (SMF) data using IBM-developed tools such as zTPM, zCP3000, BWA, zPCR and SoftCap. In addition, both the zIIP and zAAP specialty engine analyses include figures based on current and projected usage. The types of analysis available include:

  • Overall Capacity Analysis
  • Batch Workload Analysis
  • Specialty Engine Sizing Analysis for z/OS environments
  • zAAP Capacity Analysis
  • zIIP Capacity Analysis

Business Value

  • Helps you realize potential for significant improvement in z/OS throughput
  • Increases productivity
  • Uses the IBM Sub-Capacity Planning Tool for analyzing sub-capacity software charges
  • Potentially reduces software charges
  • Shows you the advantages of sizing IBM Specialty Engines
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