IBM Spectrum Protect Planning & Upgrade Services

IBM Spectrum Protect offers significant improvements to existing TSM environments, including:

  • A database upgrade to Db2, which enhances the ability to store more objects and manage more data, with greater server hardware efficiency
  • Integrated data deduplication technology, which helps reduce storage requirements for backups
  • New near-real-time operational monitoring and reporting (with a customizable dashboard), which reduces the cost and complexity associated with similar third-party software
  • More-granular support for Microsoft Windows Exchange Mail servers and Microsoft Windows Active Directory environments

With the significant functional improvement over previous versions, the IBM Spectrum Protect upgrade process is understandably more complex. Sirius IBM Spectrum Protect Planning and Upgrade Services will quickly and efficiently move you to the latest version of IBM Spectrum Protect, enabling you to receive these benefits immediately.

Business Value

  • Determines the most effective upgrade path to reach the latest version of IBM Spectrum Protect, helping to reduce upgrade duration and possible rework
  • Identifies new functional improvements that will provide the most value to your company, and ensures they are implemented first
  • Minimizes the impact on your staff and their everyday duties, due to less time spent in task preparation and problem research
  • Efficiently trains your personnel through informal skills transfer during the engagement
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