IBM Rational Team Concert Implementation & Mentoring Services

Rational Team Concert integrates work item tracking, source control management, continuous builds, iteration planning, and highly configurable process support to adapt to the way you want to work, enabling developers, architects, project managers and project owners to work together more effectively.

Rational Team Concert also brings together multiple lines of development across multiple technologies. IBM i, Java, and .NET development streams are managed and developed under the same product, but each technology has its own peculiarities.

Sirius RTC Implementation & Mentoring Services provide expert assistance in all aspects of Rational Team Concert, helping bridge the gap between IBM i developers and Java or .NET developers. Sirius’ expert assistance helps reduce the learning curve, allowing the entire organization to get up to speed quickly in this powerful collaborative life cycle management toolset.

Business Value

  • Manages development tasks (defects, enhancements, tasks, stories, etc.)
  • Offers strong support for parallel and agile development
  • Provides a highly integrated collaborative development environment
  • Integrates with defect tracking and builds
  • Accommodates different programming practices, such as component-driven development or feature-driven development
  • Tracks progress during an iteration and balances the workload of developers
  • Coordinates development tasks—even across disparate technologies
  • Provides build awareness, control, and traceability to the team
  • Uses a proven implementation roadmap
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