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IBM N series/NetApp Health Check Assessment Services

Are you confident that your current IBM N series or NetApp storage environment is completely optimized? Is it maximized for performance? Are you confident of the security and stability of your environment? Sirius storage experts analyze your storage environment to uncover potential improvements with consolidation and virtualization that give you increased growth options, better backup and recovery solutions, and improved reliability.

Sirius performs an independent assessment of your current N series/NetApp storage environment according to industry best practices, taking into consideration your overall corporate objectives. The assessments may include (but are not limited to):

  • A review of overall corporate objectives for consolidated storage
  • Autosupport messages and Syslogs
  • Network configuration (VIF configuration and traffic separation, e.g. between CIFS and NFS)
  • SnapMirror configuration and schedule
  • Data de-duplication configuration and storage savings
  • Aggregate configuration laid out for best performance (RAID group sizes)
  • Volume and LUN sizing and configuration aligned with Host type
  • Snapshot reserve space and scheduling
  • A review of cabling
  • Verification of multi-pathing on all hosts
  • A review of Fibre Channel zoning
  • A review current storage consolidation, as well as high availability and backup/recovery procedures

Business Value

  • Provides detailed findings including a well documented view of your storage environment, potential risks, and exposures to stability and performance
  • Offers a clear look at how your current environment compares with industry standards for best practices, and recommendations for how best to achieve them
  • Helps maximize stability, growth and performance in your storage environment, at minimal cost
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