IBM Business Process Management Implementation Services

The Sirius Business Optimization team will help to define and create an application that will provide visibility and insight for managing a business process, resulting in better business performance. Our consultants will work directly with your business subject matter experts and technical resources to ensure business objectives are met. We establish a priority of the requirements for the desired application, and then manage the development in time-boxed efforts (aka Sprints). At the end of each Sprint there will be a review of the development to date, to ensure that the application being developed is on track with expectations and is continually improving. Sirius consultants bring key elements to this type of project, including project planning, Agile development management, product expertise, and development experience.

Business Value

  • Establishes the development team and environment for rapid start-up
  • Adapts to changes quickly
  • Automates high-ROI processes
  • Integrates between enterprise applications
  • Offers visibility into key process statistics
  • Gives the ability to simulate process steps
  • Produces higher-quality business processes with less effort
  • Leads to better decision-making and exception handling
  • Reduces unproductive time due to manual efforts, inter-departmental handoffs, or inability to monitor overall progress
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