High Availability Assessment & Implementation Services for IBM Power Systems

Creating a highly available server configuration can be a challenging task. Sirius consultants are certified and experienced with high availability, and use the full range of HA products from IBM and Vision Solutions to help manage planned and unplanned downtime. Sirius High Availability Assessment & Implementation Services include an installation planning session, assistance with software installation and configuration, and basic usage and administrative skill transfer. Installing and configuring high availability products will allow your business applications to move from one server to another in the event of an outage, increasing system availability and reducing the impact of planned or unplanned outages on end-users and business overall.

Business Value

  • Leverages the experience of Sirius engineers who have implemented hundreds of highly available systems, to prevent common mistakes
  • Minimizes unplanned downtime
  • Increases system and application availability during planned and unplanned outages
  • Uses idle target resources for testing, development and quality assurance systems
  • Decreases total implementation time
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