Enterprise Identity Mapping/Single Sign-On Implementation Services for IBM Power Systems

Most businesses utilize a number of key applications to perform daily operations. Single sign-on (SSO) technology allows a user to login (sign-on) once and automatically be authenticated to use all of the appropriate applications and data necessary for their job. SSO also performs the inverse task of preventing access to applications or data that should not be available to a given user. Sirius Enterprise Identity Mapping/Single Sign-On Implementation Services implements single sign-on for IBM Power Systems Access and associated products using enterprise identity mapping (EIM). For multiple environments, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) replication will also be implemented to synchronize the EIM environments.

Business Value

  • Provides recommendations and solutions to help your organization meet its compliance objectives
  • Minimizes help desk calls and possible security risks
  • Increases staff productivity by providing more-efficient access to applications
  • Enhances security and reduces the likelihood of confidential data being accessed by unauthorized personnel, partners or customers
  • Decreases total implementation time
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