Enterprise CICS Tools & Utilities Implementation Services

There are many facets to the Customer Information Control System (CICS) software environment, and exploiting the capabilities of CICS can assist with important Enterprise Management tasks. Sirius Enterprise CICS Tools & Utilities Implementation Services include complete installation for the most popular IBM CICS Tools including IBM CICS Performance Analyzer, IBM CICS Interdependency Analyzer and, if needed, IBM CICS Online Transmission Time Optimizer (OTTO).

Sirius experts will provide complete documentation of your CICS environment, and perform skills transfer so that your team is efficient and productive going forward.

Business Value

  • Improves performance and prevents other upgrade costs because the CICS Tools and Utilities will run your CICS environment more efficiently
  • Keeps your CICS environment optimized, reducing slowdowns during peak load and other negative impacts
  • Leverages multiple client environments and years of experience to assess and tune your CICS environment quickly
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