Enterprise Application Development Tools & Utilities Services for IBM Z

If application development is required for implementing a specific aspect of an Enterprise Management solution, there are several tools within the mainframe environment that can be of assistance. Sirius Enterprise Application Development Tools & Utilities Services include complete installation services and basic training for the three most popular mainframe Application Development Tools: File Manager, Debug Tool, and Fault Analyzer. This service can also include tool conversion from multiple independent software vendor tool-sets to the IBM tool package.

Business Value

  • Ensures efficiencies within the mainframe environment to minimize hardware and software costs
  • Consolidates ISV tools to a single IBM tool-set to save on monthly license charges
  • Minimizes risk to the production systems by ensuring a clean and well maintained development environment
  • Finds additional areas of improvement that are typically overlooked internally
  • Leverages multiple client environments to help you get the best results, quickly
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